1. A selection of paintings by Boston-born, LA-based artist Jonas Wood. His subjects often include houseplants, which I am obviously all over like leaves on a ficus. Ha ha. Also:

    For those in New York, you can continue to see Wood’s work next to the High Line at 18th Street and 10th Avenue until February 3rd.
    The Fox is Black

    AND I can’t believe I just missed seeing his installation at the Lever House - it closed earlier this month - but you can still view images online. It was a series of ten new paintings entitled “Clippings”, which he created by extracting clippings from plant forms he’d painted previously and isolating them on the canvas. Kind of like how you’d make plant clippings IRL. So cool. I also really like that basketball wallpaper of his. I tend to like any art with basketballs in it because it makes me think of this song from Space Jam. What’s your favorite song from the original motion picture soundtrack album for Space Jam?

    (Source: davidkordanskygallery.com)

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